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PQA Assessments

Program Quality Assessment or PQA is a reliable, scientifically validated assessment that reflects research-based, field-tested best practices in early childhood education. The PQA can be used with any performance standards, including the Head Start Program Performance Standards, and as a basis for program accreditation, reporting, monitoring, and professional learning. As an assessor, I can administer the tool for your site and provide supports to help improve the quality of your program in each classroom and program wide.

Pre-K Literacy Essential Training Series

Originally created as a response to improve the state of Michigan’s literacy development the Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy: Prekindergarten are a collection of 10 instructional practices that can have a positive impact on literacy development.The use of these practices in every classroom every day can make a measurable, positive difference in literacy achievement.

Assistance with Administrative Tasks

Administration of ECE programs can sometimes be daunting and time-consuming. Are there tasks that you wish you could delegate to other knowledgeable members and have the highest confidence that the task will be completed in a high-quality manner? If you answered, yes, then look no further. Depending on your needs, customized supports can be designed to alleviate time-consuming demands to allow your attention to directed back toward your staff and families enrolled in your program.

CLASS Assessment

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System or CLASS is a nationally recognized tool for measuring adult-child interactions.  Children in classrooms with higher CLASS scores have been proven to have better social-emotional, cognitive, and academic outcomes.  As an assessor I can administer the tool for your site and provide supports to help improve the adult child interactions within each classroom.

Curriculum and Assessment Support

 To implement a curriculum and/or assessment tool effectively, staff must understand how to use it responsively, intentionally, and with fidelity. Programs must develop a system of training and professional development that supports education staff in their efforts

Family Engagement

Family engagement is an essential component of high-quality early childhood care and education. Engaging families as partners early in the educational journey allows families to establish strong home-school connections that support their children’s achievement long-term. Together we can brainstorm strategies that will allow families to become more engaged and connected with your program. 

MiReg: Michigan’s all-in-one resource for tracking professional development, facilitating training, and growing professionally. Each training submitted and approved by MiRegistry is a quality training event that: Follows best practices in the field, Incorporates adult learning principles, Aligns to Michigan's Core Knowledge and Core Competency Areas, and Meets all professional development guidelines as defined by child care licensing


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